A final goodbye or see you soon?

2020 has been the year we have been planning to close the EU-FRANK project in the best possible way. As we close in to December 31st and its official close, it is clear that many things will live on...

After almost five years of meetings, activities, studies and reports, it is time to hand over the project to EASO and, in certain ways, to all the participants and experts to continue the work that was started during this period. During the autumn of 2020 we have worked hard on summarising, analysing and putting together a series of reports on what has been done within the project and what we have learned. These reports, as well as the recommendations to EASO and the report on the final conference, can be found in our Reports page.

We are also thrilled to announce the publication of the last two studies by MPI Europe within the framework of the project, one containing a detailed account of resettlement to small and rural communities and another looking into the future of resettlement. Both new publications as well as previous studies can be found under Publications.

The EU-FRANK website will be live for another six months with access to the documentation, and should there be any issues you can always contact us or EASO. By now we hope that, although the project will formally come to an end, the contacts and networks formed during these years will still bear fruit in times to come, and that the seeds sown under this framework can stretch and develop further on.

We close this chapter of the project with gratitude to our partners, experts, colleagues and all participants that made this journey possible!

Happy holidays and see you in new constellations in 2021 and beyond!


Author: Gabriela Prado

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