Online exchange: the set-up of a selection mission team

On the 25th of June EU-FRANK organised the last online workshop in the Selection Mission Experience Exchange Programme exploring how states set up and manage their selection mission teams. The workshop also marked the last opportunity for practitioners to exchange experiences in the programme. During the workshop the participants learned about the details around the set-up and management of selection mission teams in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. It was clear that there were both differences and many similarities in the way that the teams and missions are organised. A very recent development is that some of the states have started to plan remote missions as a direct result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Many interesting questions and considerations were brought forward during the workshop and the participants were satisfied with having had the opportunity to get insight into different states’ procedures around the management of a selection mission. By the end of the workshop some reflections were shared around the activities in the program and states’ interest in sharing and receiving operation experiences and knowledge. States have been open and willing to share experiences and have also been interested in receiving information from other states, this goes for both experienced and less experienced resettlement states. The EU-FRANK project hopes and believes that European colleagues will continue to exchange experiences between each other on operational issues in the resettlement process.


Author: Gabriela Prado

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