Pre-departure orientation Network meets Monitoring & Evaluating experts for the second workshop in the series

The second workshop in the Monitoring & Evaluating (M&E) series gathered 35 participants in Malmö on the 4th and 5th of February to talk about evaluation of pre-departure orientation programs (PDO)

After the success of the first workshop in November, this time the focus was on monitoring and evaluating  (M&E) specifically for PDO and finding ways to get the different stakeholders who are part of the process integrated to the so-called feedback loop.

Participants came from 16 different countries and organisations, and had a chance to hear of different experiences within M&E as well as from a previously resettled refugee who now works as a mentor for newly arrived in the Netherlands.

The workshop was moderated by MPI Europe and included seminars and group work. MPI is soon launching a study on M&E within the framework of EU-FRANK. MPI is also the think tank behind the study on designing effective PDO programmes that can be downloaded in its entirety from our webiste.

Participants received tools to draft an action plan to establish M&E systems for their PDO programs, and will have the chance to follow up internally in their organisations. The third workshop in the series will take place April 6-7th, with focus on formative evaluation.

Jurgen Beuting, from the Central Organ for Asylum Seekers (COA) in the Netherlands, explains some of the strategies COA uses to follow up on their PDO program with newly arrived refugees. Photo by Leila Nielsen.


Author: Gabriela Prado

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