Happy Holidays!

As the New Year approaches, we take this opportunity to look back at what we have achieved throughout 2019, and provide a sneak peek of what is awaiting around the corner

Throughout the year, EU-FRANK has arranged more than 30 different activities; trainings, working group meetings, workshops and study visits - all with the objective to help EU Member States provide high quality, effective resettlement to those in need. We have concluded a training module on resettlement and have uploaded a number of practical tools developed for resettlement purposes jointly by partner country experts. As we had foreseen, this has been the most intense year so far, and we are pleased to note the results of our efforts.

In 2019, EU-FRANK set out to increase its ambition when it comes to innovation. In doing so, we have had three dedicated experts from Sweden and the Netherlands analyzing, developing and actively testing new ways for States to cooperate. We have been exploring experience exchange programs, operational meeting structures, practical learning opportunities, buddying, and communication and data sharing tools in order to increase our understanding of who is doing what, how they do it and what we can learn from one another.

We are happy to deliver many of our activities in fruitful partnership with EASO, with whom we share the important objective to support EU Member States in resettlement. We are proud to be able to both support and receive support from UNHCR and IOM, as well as ICMC with their long-standing experience and expertise in building resettlement communities throughout Europe.

We are pleased to see an increased involvement of the Migration Policy Institute, who very notably provides access to New Knowledge (the NK in EU-FRANK), and ensures our ideas are evidence- based. Throughout the year, MPI has launched a comparative study on pre-departure orientation and has actively drawn our attention to the importance of monitoring and evaluating resettlement activities and programs in order for them to be successful.

It goes without saying that without the engagement of our State partners in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland as well as from our colleagues here in Sweden, this project would not be where it is today.

Moving into the new decennium, we are devoted to keep up the momentum we built up in 2019, by continuing to provide more experience exchange opportunities, increase your access to research and continue to strive for innovation. We will keep monitoring and evaluation in the spotlight through a series of seminars on the topic, and will bring input from refugees into our project by adding focus group discussions on experiences and expectations around resettlement to our repertoire.

With these words, we are taking a few weeks rest to restore energy for our final chapter. We are looking forward to see many of you again in the New Year, and would like to wish all of our partners, colleagues and friends a restful holiday season!

Published: 2019-12-19

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-12-20