Meet Jaklin Josefson

With the third Pre-departure Orientation (PDO) Network meeting kicking off on November 26th in Dublin, here is a little bit of the woman behind the network: Jaklin Josefson, the coordinator of the network within EU-FRANK. Jaklin is responsible for the development of PDO initiatives within the project, and she told us a little bit about her work and how she got here.

Jaklin Josefson, in Uganda, during cultural orientation session for refugees to be resettled to Sweden


How did you become as an assignment leader for EU-FRANK?

It was just before summer 2018 when I heard from a colleague about the position, so I sent in my application and went off to summer holidays. When I got back, I met with the Project manager, my manager recommended me and from then on it went really fast. I’ve been responsible for preparatory arrangements in my unit since 2016 (Jaklin works normally at the Resettlement Unit at the Swedish Migration Agency), so this assignment suited me very well. I believe preparing refugees to meet their new life is one of the most interesting part of the Migration Agency’s work, so I seized the opportunity of learning more and developing it further within the project.

What did you do before you got this assignment?

As I work only part time with EU-FRANK, I kept my original duties the other half of the time, which is working as a case officer at the unit for resettlement. We work with the whole resettlement program and the full process - our job is to get the Swedish resettlement quota into the country every year.

How would you describe your assignment in one sentence?

I would say something around networking and experience exchange. I think that’s what it’s about: learning from one another. Networking is really a key word, learning possibilities between EU-countries.

What has been the most interesting aspect of your assignment so far?

Being part of the project in general has been an incredible learning process, and in that getting to see my ideas becoming reality is also fantastic. Then there are of course all the amazing people I have met through the network. Finally, I also realized that if before I knew a lot about Sweden’s resettlement program I now know a lot about how other countries work as well which is incredibly interesting! It’s very hard to pick just one thing!

What is happening with PDO in the upcoming months, as the project moves to its end?

Our hope is to close the last focus area for the network, and try to collect all input on the best practices to improve not only Sweden’s resettlement program but also those of other countries. Helping countries bring back knowledge after the network meetings is very important, since part of the pilot was exactly creating this opportunity for countries to get in touch with each other.

Published: 2019-11-25

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-11-25