EU-FRANK launches Experience Exchange Program around Resettlement Selection Missions

Building on positive experiences from earlier experience exchange events, EU-FRANK invites operational leaders and coordinators for resettlement selection missions to join a six months experience exchange program, launching with a workshop in Stockholm on 10-11 December.

During 2019, EU-FRANK has organized structured experience exchange for practitioners in the area of pre-departure orientation/cultural orientation. A group consisting of approximately 30 participants from 11 different States, have met twice in full-group events, and engaged in study visits and continued dialogue in smaller groups in between these meetings. The program has been well received and will continue into 2020.

Building on the positive experiences, the project now launches a similar experience exchange program, this time focusing on the operational aspects of administering and managing resettlement selection missions. Starting in December 2019, the project offers missions leaders and coordinators from EU+ Member States to sign up for six months of increased collaboration with their European colleagues.

The exchange program, run as a pilot within EU-FRANK and co-hosted by EASO, will combine two workshops, one in December and the other one during spring 2020, with smaller group opportunities to learn about how European colleagues’ prepare and carry out selection missions. Participants will have the opportunity to join other missions as observers, to shadow a colleague in their preparations or work on joint exercises or tasks that are later reported back to the full group. The program is a follow up on the operational meeting on resettlement that was piloted by EU-FRANK in Amman early 2019, but this time it focusses on a professional group instead of a geographical location. The objective is to find out whether mission leaders and coordinators as a defined group of professionals can benefit from structured interaction in the form of a network or exchange program.

Interested? Register here or via email to before 4 November.

Published: 2019-10-21

Author: Denise Thomsson

Last modified: 2019-10-21