Upcoming project event: PDO Network Meeting #3

EU-FRANK’s network of practitioners in the field of pre-departure orientation (PDO) and cultural orientation (CO) will come together for their third network meeting on the 26-28 of November

This time, the group will convene in Ireland, where they will be offered the possibility to learn more about the Irish orientation and support to resettled refugees after arrival to the country. The meeting in itself will focus amongst other things on technical solutions in PDO delivery, such as the use of video communication and how to connect post arrival actors with refugees before they depart.

Meeting spaces are reserved primarily for practitioners already signed up with the network, but new friends are welcome as long as we have space! Feel free to register your interest to participate (an event will be posten soon with further details).

Published: 2019-10-04

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-10-04