How we work

EU-FRANK fosters peer-to-peer learning and collaboration between States in order to improve their skills and practices: to know better, and work smarter.

The project is structured around five components:

1. Research

2. Tools

3. Training

4. New approaches

5. Expert exchange and support

Experts from project partner organisations work together in different working groups within the project to analyse and draft materials and suggest improvements of the resettlement process. They are supported by reference partners and stakeholders such as the UNHCR, EASO, IOM and ICMC.

Non-partner actors are invited to workshops, study visits and other events to share and learn from each other’s experiences as well as to gain from and provide input to the project’s work.

To provide a knowledge base and to increase awareness of what models are used and which improvements can be made, the project has formed partnership with MPI Europe, and will deliver a series of research papers and reports relating to resettlement during the project period.