Monitoring & Evaluation   Workshop #2

Getting Off to a Good Start: Using Monitoring and Evaluation to Enhance Predeparture Orientation Programmes

Building on the insights from the previous workshop on process evaluation, this workshop aims to narrow in on how to build stronger evidence around PDO, and why having this evidence contributes to more effective planning and delivery of PDO. More specifically, participants are invited to think through how to gather meaningful feedback from resettling refugees, to identify key stakeholders at national level to involve in M&E processes, and to reflect on how to overcome constraints in measuring PDO impact in the context of their national orientation programmes. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to develop their own roadmaps outlining concrete ways for how to include or expand monitoring and evaluation of PDO programmes at home and to learn more about other resettlement states’ existing M&E practices and next steps, allowing them to identify potential areas for collaboration and peer support.


The participants of this workshop include national resettlement policymakers who work on the design, implementation or monitoring/evaluation of national PDO programmes – or are interested to do so. In addition, this workshop targets PDO facilitators and members of the PDO network within EU-FRANK. Those interested in participating should register with the EU-FRANK secretariat and await confirmation for participation.

Remember to check the guidelines for participating in project activities here.


Malmö, Sweden (tbc.)

Time and date

04 Feb 10.00 - 05 Feb 12.00, 2020