Study visit to Lebanon - learning about Swiss pre-departure orientation in practice

The aim of the study visit is to observe and learn from the Swiss programme for pre-departure orientation (PDO), which focuses on integration aspects and cultural adaptation. The visit will provide an insight in the specific information provided for refugees about their future and their receiving community/accommodation/municipality, as well as how the Swiss programme works to strengthen the refugees participation in the process. Participants in the exchange will be invited to discuss and share their own national practices of refugee participation.

The visit will provide insight into how Switzerland succeeds in preparing refugees with the help of cantons (municipalities). It will showcase how information on different topics is updated for each new group and how interactive discussions take place with refugees. The aim of the Swiss PDO is to prepare the refugees and provide a realistic image of how the new life in Switzerland will be and where they will be living in an early stage.

Participants in the study visit will take part on the second and third day of the Pre-departure orientation program.

After the visit, participants will be able to identify good practices in the Swiss pre-departure orientation and compare the strategies used by Switzerland with that of their own countries. Participant will also be able to share their observations from the visit with the other participants of the project’s PDO-network.

For whom: Practitioners in state agencies working with pre-departure orientation.

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Beirut, Lebanon

Time and date

08 Oct 08.30 - 09 Oct 17.00, 2019


EU-FRANK in partnership with Switzerland